Hi, I'm Carolyn.  I help brands (from large to small) tell their story. My passion is getting to work with creatively driven entrepreneurs and companies and leveraging my corporate experience to grow their businesses. I spent 15 years as a marketing and strategy executive for brands including Disney Store, Toyota, Taco Bell, and Intel, doing everything from developing national advertising campaign strategies to identifying who these brands' target consumers are. I'm as comfortable brainstorming in a room full of creatives as I am analyzing data in an Excel spreadsheet.

Recently a slew of "branding experts" and independently run "brand agencies" have popped up online. How do you differentiate one from another? Some are more design focused, offering up one-off designs. Others focus solely on branding, using a more creative approach to visually defining your brand. My approach is hybrid: I start with a more analytical and strategic approach, assessing trends in your industry and consumer insights to inform brand, marketing and product level strategies. This approach comes from my 15+ years of experience for the brands listed above.