Peter Pan Collars

My latest obsession is with Peter Pan collars.  There's something whimsical, feminine and retro about this style that makes it a fun way to mix up your work wardrobe.  I don't know about you, but I'm always looking for an excuse to deviate from the typical Office Space business casual uniform.  

Here's a little history lesson for ya: Maude Adams, the first actress to play Peter Pan in the early 1900's first wore a shirt with a rounded collar, hence the name (if you're yawning, at least scroll through the pics below!).  The style stuck over the decades and has reappeared in various forms - from wedding dresses in the 20's and 30's to retro blouses and dresses in the 60's era.  

Here's how I styled the blouse I recently purchased from Piperlime.  I hesitated posting pics of myself because I have the body image issues of a 16 year old but hey, that's what the kids in this bloggersphere seem to be doing nowadays. And after reading through a ton of fashion blogs out there, I've realized how important it is to emphasize that fashion can be wearable and you shouldn't have to be a certain proportion to really appreciate it.   How would you wear it?

Skirt, J. Crew (old)
Tights and shoes, H&M


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