Eating ripe pineapple today is getting me excited for my upcoming trip to Hawaii.  That means some vacation purchases are on the to-do list.  I'm a little apprehensive about bringing the little one (2 yrs old) on his first airplane excursion and could use any tips moms out there have.  Do we bring the carseat?  How does one handle a potential meltdown stranded thousands of feet in the air?  All questions I'm not equipped to answer, but at least I'll look cute.  

Neon colors are on the radar - electric pinks, neon yellows, offset with basic navy to keep the combo grounded.  The neon trend reminds me of the 80's when those glow-in-the dark jelly bracelets were in.

Tote, Old Navy $14.94
Sunglasses, Old Navy $9.94
Sandals, Dolce Vita $69 Urban Outfitters
Scarf, BDG $24 Urban Outfitters

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