Lately I've been experiencing separation anxiety from my 2 year old.  Things at work have been slow, which means I sit at my desk scrolling the pictures of my little one on my iPhone all day.  The hours of the work day drag on and I wonder what he is doing at that moment - is he sliding down the staircase laughing hysterically?  Is he napping on the couch clutching his security blanket, legs crossed?  Is he sitting in the sandbox at the park, making piles of sand?  As a working mom, I feel conflicted - I thought working would help keep me sane as an alternative to the struggles that stay at home moms experience.  One year after switching from being a stay at home mom to a working mom, I'm not sure if the switch has been worthwhile.  It seems to have been an even tradeoff - trading tantrums and "no's" for an unfulfilling job in the corporate world.  I'd love to hear from other moms going through similar experiences.  In the meantime, what brings me joy is shopping on Etsy for the little monkey.  

Toothy bears, Etsy

Penny the Owl, Etsy
Mustache pacifier, Etsy

Lion, Etsy

Car wallet, Etsy

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