Happy Friday!  To end the week, I present an inspiring and practical Ted talk called "Plug into your hard-wired happiness" here.

Some quotes I jotted down on a post-it to keep at my desk:
"Invest in the process, not in the outcome."

"There is nothing you have to get, do or be to be happy.  Happiness is our innate nature; it is hard-wired in us."

"Passion exists inside you, it doesn't exist in the job."

All our lives we've been conditioned to predicate happiness on an outcome, on "if only this happened, then I'd be happy", when the truth of the matter is, happiness doesn't come from anything external.  I'm in the midst of a struggle to come to terms with this. (inner monologue that runs through my head every day: what?  you mean the key to happiness isn't to find the job of my dreams? where do I get it then? what do I need to change to feel happier?) We're all on our own journey and need to remind each other to enjoy it while it unravels.  

While all of this is fresh in my head, I resolve to go into this weekend trying to enjoy what is, not what could be.

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