Modern Day Parenting Styles

The New York Times recently ran an article on how "buddy" is becoming a common nickname for little boys.  It goes on to say that this is a reflection of modern day parenting viewing the child on a more equal level with the parent.  This observation is quite true: not only is "Buddy" what we call our little guy, but it's often times what he's started calling himself.  For instance, he'll refer to himself in third person by saying something like "Buddy wants to go upstairs".

An excerpt from the article reads:

“If I had all my buddies lined up in a row,” Mr. Pearce was telling his son Noah, 5, when they were alone in the car last month, “and I had to choose my best buddy, it would be you.” 

I'd never given my son's nickname a second thought until reading this article, but the quote above pretty much sums it up.  There is no place I would rather be than at home building forts out of sofa cushions with my Buddy.  Happy Friday...

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