A Styling Intern's Lessons Learned

In my first week of interning with a styling team I was quickly awakened to the fact that this is nothing like the corporate world.  Here's a quick list of my learnings after only 4 full days on the job:

1) "Barney's" could either be Barney's NY in Beverly HIlls or BARNEY'S CO-OP at The Grove. Big difference when you're under the gun.

2) Never assume anything.

3) If you're Fed Exing anything remotely expensive, be sure to cover every inch in reams of tissue paper so it doesn't get damaged. 

4) Don't expect anyone to explain anything to you thoroughly or accurately.  Always be prepared to ask questions and clarify.  Ask them to slow down if need be.

5) Keep every single receipt. 

6) Know LA traffic patterns.

7) Triple check everything.

8) Pull over instead of driving and texting


10) "CYA" = "Cover Your Ass".  CC emails, take pictures of everything, keep a log in your text or email history to ensure you have records to go back to if you get questioned on anything

That's all for now, off to another job....

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