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 One of my favorite brands is Emerson Fry, a New York based brand that nails the perfect combination of sexy, confident, casual and refined.  A recent post on their blog interviews the founder, Emerson about the inspiration behind the brand's upcoming Fall/Winter '13 collection.  My favorite quote is the very last sentence in bold:

Q: Emerson, where do you get your inspiration?

A: E: typically we work in looks, and find that a lot of our buyers buy our pieces in looks. so thinking about what she needs from top to bottom to get out the door in the morning, to be prepared for her day and feel polished in a relatively easy, uncomplicated way. Our pieces are built to reinforce her natural, innate confidence - so they're not overly trend oriented and/or distracting from the woman wearing them. they're really made to be direct, confident pieces that last. as the years go by i'm getting to know her more and more and find that not only is our woman typically standing apart from the crowd in terms of buying things of quality, she's a leader in her sense of where she's going. she's got to get out the door and feel polished and prepared enough, she's got to love what she's wearing enough each morning to then forget about what she's wearing and live her life. she's got a full life, a lot of responsibilities, goals and desires, a lot of things to acquire and accomplish. this is the century of women, and this woman is profound. and she is not fucking around. so that’s what inspires me on a 
daily basis.

short topper, crewneck long sleeve, pilot pant, italian V heel

Gusset coat, raglan sleeve shirt, Mick pant, patchttoe slingback

Men's cuff link shirt, Mick pant

fitted V dress, crewneck long sleeve, italian V heel

biker jacket, scarf, raglan sweater, layering skirt, midi boot

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