How Los Angeles is Reinventing Itself as a Creative Hub

 This past weekend we checked out the Downtown Los Angeles Flea Market, held every 4th Sunday.  For years Los Angeles has been working to revitalize its downtown core and develop residential pockets to appeal to working professionals.  I love checking these flea markets out in different neighborhoods because they serve as a congregating place for those who are passionate about creativity and design.  I'm hopeful that Los Angeles, with it's reputation for being,shall we say not the friendliest of cities, can make its downtown a center for creative inspiration.  I'm so psyched for another upcoming addition to LA's downtown: Unique LA's Unique Space, slated to open this Fall.  The Unique Space is intended to be part co-working space, part venue host for book launches, workshops, fashion line launches etc.  With the launch of the DTLA flea market and The Unique Space this year, Los Angeles is gaining momentum in establishing its role as more than an entertainment and media hub, but as an incubator for creatives and artists alike.  I'm curious to see how our city will change in the next few years, and whether creative-types will actually move into spaces downtown, or if downtown residential spaces will remain vacant.

Scroll below for more pics of the Downtown Los Angeles Flea Market:

Little Tokyo
(Delicious miso ramen in Little Tokyo)

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