I don't delve much into my personal life here, but I'm currently going through a "what do I want to do next in my life?" phase.  I spent 12 years in corporate jobs feeling uninspired, unmoved and robotic.  I realized that because I'm such a visual person, I need to be in a work environment that's equally visual and keeps me inspired every day.  Spending 40+ hours surrounded by white walls, gray carpet and Office Depot furniture just wasn't cutting it for me. 

I absolutely love the newly designed workspace (workspace sounds so much better than "office space", no?) of Oh Joy!:

Lots of natural light is so important, especially for those of us who get blue in the winter.

An inspiration wall made of cork board is brilliant:
See more here.

If I had the space to design my own home office it would look something like this:

My Dream Office Space

Tomboy Chic

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