Summer is officially over and I was able to momentarily whip out this Zara jacket I'd been saving for Fall (until the temp rose back to 80 later in the day).  There's something a bit sombering and nostalgic about the start of Fall as it starts to get dark out earlier and flip flops get packed away.  As the evenings get cooler here in LA, I flash back to my childhood days in the Midwest.  My friends and I jumped into giant mounds of leaves we raked up during Fall season.  Scents in the air changed from sunscreen and citronella to damp leaves and spiced cider.  You could literally hear the faint echoing of cheers every Friday night from the football game at our high school.  It's amazing how certain smells and sounds bring back such vivid memories.  I'm excited for upcoming traditions like taking our 3-year old to the pumpkin patch and corn maze (yes they still have those in LA!), and of course Halloween.  I'm hoping to get my little one as excited about the new season as I was growing up.  

What other Fall traditions are you looking forward to for yourselves and (if applicable) your little ones, and most importantly, what other Fall trends are you loving or not loving?

military chic, Zara jacket, miiltary fashion trend
Jacket, Zara//Black & White Stripe Tank, similar here//Shorts, Forever 21 (old)//Boots, Jeffrey Campbell

Zara jacket, military chic, military inspired trend

Zara jacket, military chic, military inspired trend

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