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Digital Marketing Strategy: Les Gamins

Challenge: Les Gamins is an e-commerce children's apparel brand that needed help launching its brand online with limited marketing dollars. Given that children's fashion is a highly saturated market, Les Gamins needed help developing an impactful and cost efficient launch marketing strategy.

What Was Done: I created a Digital Marketing Launch plan for Les Gamins, providing recommendations on social media strategy, paid media strategy, influencer outreach plan, and media budget breakdown. I initiated and activated partnerships with key influencers that would extend the brand’s reach and awareness on Instagram.

Results: Thanks to a more cohesive and deliberate content strategy and high engagement influencer partnerships, Les Gamins is on a high growth trajectory. The brand’s Instagram following has grown from 300 followers to 4,100 followers over the past 18 months.


Brand Strategy Development/Integrated Marketing Communications Planning: NOM [Not Ordinary Media]

Challenge: NOM is a b-to-b video technology and data company providing brand safety and contextual targeting across social channels including YouTube. As a relatively new startup brand, NOM needed help 1) Articulating a clear and compelling brand positioning and 2) Creating a marketing strategy roadmap to prioritize marketing initiatives and budget allocation for the upcoming year. 

What Was Done: I conducted a comprehensive competitive analysis breaking down marketing strategy, marketing communication, branding, and product marketing strategy of key competitors. From there, I identified NOM's points of differentiation and competitive advantage, helping the team develop a clear brand positioning and marketing roadmap.

I also developed NOM’s social media strategy, establishing content pillars, cadence of posting, and creative direction. To give this business-to-business startup more personality on social, I alternated visually appealing, design-oriented content with company culture images:


Results: Creation of NOM's brand positioning and marketing roadmap set direction for key high level marketing initiatives, including a successful website overhaul/relaunch and newly established, brand cohesive social channels (+300% increase in followers across Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn)



Consumer Insights/Creation of Consumer Personas: Disney Store

Challenge:  Global retailer Disney Store wanted to gain a deeper understanding of who their core consumer is and how consumers' perceptions of Disney Store compared to its competitors.

What Was Done:  What better way to understand your consumer than to talk to them yourself?  In partnership with research vendor Hypothesis, we designed and fielded an online survey with over 500 consumers and also conducted hours of in-store observations.  After both quantitative and qualitative analysis, we provided key recommendations to inform marketing and in-store design strategies. 

Result:  Research results provided Disney Store with an in-depth consumer profile of their core consumer: Disney Store now has a tangible understanding of their target consumer's lifestyle, demographics, and psychographics.  Findings from this research study led to changes in store design and helped further focus marketing communications strategy around Disney Store's core consumer.