5 Podcasts to Inspire You Personally and Professionally

5 Podcasts to Inspire You Personally and Professionally

There's so much great content out there it can be overwhelming to know where to start. If you're a commuter like me, podcasts are an absolute must when it comes to surviving traffic. Below are 5 podcasts worth checking out if you're looking for some inspiration at the intersection of career and life. 

#1. How I Built This with Guy Raz


If you haven't yet started listening to How I Built This with Guy Raz and you're an entrepreneur or at least interested in entrepreneurship, you're missing out. This podcast has interviews with founders of almost every interesting startup brand you can think of, from small to big.  It's fascinating to hear founders' stories of failed startup attempts, accidental successes, pivotal make it or break it moments. I myself am not an entrepreneur but I love hearing about and learning from the journeys of other entrepreneurs. Episodes worth checking out: Marcia Kilgore, founder of Bliss, and Blake Mycoskie, founder of Tom's, and Joe Gebbia, founder of AirBnB.

#2.  WorkLife with Adam Grant


From the website: “We spend a quarter of our lives in our jobs. This show is about making all that time worth your time,” says Adam, the bestselling author of OriginalsGive and Take, and Option B with Sheryl Sandberg. “In WorkLife, we’ll take listeners inside the minds of some fascinating people in some truly unusual places, and mix in fresh social science to reveal how we can lead more creative, meaningful and generous lives at work.”

This podcast is unique in that it not only highlights individuals (e.g. the founders of Warby Parker), it also explores the culture of each workplace. A great podcast for individuals searching for a new job and perhaps in search of a more compatible culture!

#3. Right After Breakfast


From the website: "This podcast has one goal: help you discover your passions, merge them with your work, and create a lifestyle you love." Some great episodes include Puno, Sarah Moe, and Sarah Pumphrey (founder of PF Candle Company).

#4. Good Life Project 


Jonathan Fields is creator of The Good Life Project and is a super down-to-earth interviewer who gets into the deep stuff with guests like Tim Ferriss, Brene Brown, and Elizabeth Gilbert.  Interviews focus on guests' paths through life (career and personal), and pivotal moments in defining who they've become and how they see things. This one with co-founder and Chief Creative Officer Melissa Bernstein of children's toy company Melissa & Doug really hit home for me. 

#5. Creative PepTalk


This podcast is great for creative entrepreneurs or those aspiring to pursue a more creative path.  Andy Miller interviews creative entrepreneurs and artists, delving into what makes them tick, how they've dealt with setbacks, and how they've carved their own paths. Check out this episode with Jeni Britton Bauer, founder of Jeni's Ice Cream.

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