Los Angeles Neighborhood Guide: Echo Park

Los Angeles Neighborhood Guide: Echo Park

Echo Park can be thought of as the often-times overlooked stepsister of SIlverlake.  When people first think of checking out a creative, gentrified neighborhood of LA they immediately think Silverlake.  But over the past few years Silverlake's steep increase in housing prices have caused an overflow into neighboring Echo Park, creating another community that's in the midst of gentrification.   Head east on Sunset Blvd, a main artery through the neighborhood, and you'll see newer boutiques and restaurants mixed in with the gritty, "old" Echo Park.  

Stop 1: Pollen (2100 Echo Park Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90026)

(Image via Pollen's Instagram)

(Image via Pollen's Instagram)


On a quiet, tree-lined residential street sits Pollen, a neighborhood brunch joint that has its fair share of sweet and savory brunch options.  From the Lemon & Poppy Seed Pancakes to the Crispy Fried Egg & Polenta (shown above),  its a great place to bring family and friends.  The atmosphere is relaxed and laid-back, partly because of the outdoor seating and clean, neutral decor. Good for: Family brunch, girls brunch, post-hangover brunch

Stop 2: Shout & About (1547 Echo Park Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90026)


Shout and About is full of fun, colorful, whimsical gifts ranging from home decor to handmade jewelry to toys.  It's a small space, but well worth a visit just to get an injection of happy feels from all the color!  Good for: visual inspiration, house-warming gifts, cards for any occasion

Stop 3: Valerie Confections (1665 Echo Park Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90026)


Started by Los Angelenos Valerie Gordon in 2004, Valerie Confections is now synonymous with beautifully decorated, delicious chocolates and baked goods.  The Echo Park location is cozy with small sidewalk tables and outdoor bench seating.  The website describes this location as "a modern Tea House & Bakery".  I regret not trying the Salted Caramel Bread Pudding but I'll be back.  The cafe sits on a quiet street corner and is great under-the-radar option for working remotely (they have Wi-Fi) if you can snag a seat early.  Good for:  informal work meetings, grab-and-go lunches, reading a book

Stop 4: Ali Golden (1296 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026)


Ali Golden is an Oakland CA based brand that you'll find in many upscale boutiques (Myrtle, The ODells).  When the line was first started, production was based out of Oakland.  Since growing, the brand has been thoughtful about where to source from, and as the website reads, "the line insists on maintaining the highest possible standards of ethics and sustainability."   Everything in the store screams accessible, casual yet modern, from relaxed jumpsuits to boxy tops and soft tees.  Prices sit in the $40-$150 range.  Good for: wear to work pieces, updating your wardrobe with some higher quality pieces, finding pieces to wear that are casual and relaxed but not sloppy

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